About Page for Happy Tummy Travels:

We all know that the adage “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, is a fact; Maritzi “Chichi” Tullao unintentionally furthers this truth, by fulfilling her own heart’s desire and eventually filling the heart’s and stomach’s of her readers, both women and men.

Unbeknownst to many, Chichi experienced a traumatic accident.  Her then specialist advised Chichi to find a hobby, or an activity to help her overcome the nightmares, the anxiety, and the stress that was affecting her.  “Happy Tummy Travels”, as Chichi’s readers and friends know her, as It was through blogging that she found her voice. Her passion for food and the industry .  Someone discovered that she had a natural talent for food styling, thus pursuing courses here and abroad eventually led her to become a leader in the local food styling industry. What started as an outlet, as means of self expression, has brought her to where she is now.  A former banker, Chichi has temporary left the world of finance to fully devote her time to the the food industry and her heart (and stomach) couldn’t be happier

Passion is found in many different ways: Some stumble upon it by mistake, while others spend years searching for it. In Chichi’s case, she has overcome her fears, she has managed to turn her pain into growth: recovery is not about living the same life you previously had, but it is about going through a significant life-changing experience that will bring you closer and feel a more genuine connection to people.

This is what Happy Tummy Travels is all about. This is the journey Chichi wants to bring, so she hopes you stay with her through this journey.