Bachelorette Party: A parody to Harry Potter Series

Ever since we can remember, one of our dear friends wished to have a Harry Potter-themed Bachelorette party when she gets married. Knowing fully well don’t have yet the capabilities of flying her to Hogsmeade and maybe physically be with her, Bea, our designated MOH and me had a crazy idea of why not designing one.

After a few days of research (yup it took us one week to organize this) and pinning pegs, we decided to theme it “Dirty Harry.” Don’t you think it’s the most suitable name for a Bachelorette party?

With the help of Tsard Chua (Bea’s brother) whose day job focuses on production designs (Yup, we were lucky here), we went all out and created Kat’s fantasies in real life.

Here’s a few snippets from the party.


Enter the magical world with wallpaper bricks to mimic Platform 9 3/4. Off you go, Kat!



Ceiling was decked with “Rated R” Floating candles and Keys.

Remember that scene in the movie where you need to look for the correct key?  Yup, we have it.




A house will not be one without the house flag. Flashing an embedded House seal with customized names were hanged everywhere. You’ll feel transported to one of the houses in Hogwarts.



Table was prepared to look like a feast of sorts. From cheese platter, to new delicious items from Shakey’s such as Kani pizza, Spicy Chicken and pastas. It was the perfect  slumber party food. You’ll even see Golden Snitch chocolates just for the occasion. Yup, our own version of a Great Hall feast.






We all know the Ministry of Magic is known for their toilet entrance.



Remember Chamber of Secrets? Of course it was ON theme.



From floating school letters, to actual school robes and ladies school uniform, we’ve  completely made a parody out of the entire seven series.



Ended the night with a sweet ending. Kat’s decadent cake was topped with a “DIY always.”

If you’ve seen the entire series, you know this is a memorable symbol in the whole series. Just fitting for the couple. Congratulations again, Kat and Anton!



This won’t be possible without the designs done by brother and sister tandem Bea Chua and Tsard Chua. Plus of course  all the ladies in the room.

The feast was also hosted by Shakey’s Pizza. Thank you, guys!!