#CelebrateAlways with Raffa Sparkling

Say it with me: #CelebrateAlways. Whether it’s a birthday, a normal dinner at home or perhaps a Friday night with friends. Whatever the reason may be, celebrating little wins / occasions big or small is always key.



While we’re at the topic of celebrating, I was just in grocery the other day checking on new and old items I usually try to stock for small celebrations. Looking closely, I saw this new bubbly in the market. Initially, the attraction was due to the unconventional packaging. The bottle slanted –  sparkling wine dry or semi dry. The liquid contents was sealed tightly by . The liquid contents was sealed tightly by a bottle cap and contained inside a 330 ml glass bottle. It was simple and straight forward for any consumer. It was actually my first time seeing a sparkling wine packaged that way and distributed locally.

My thoughts lingered on the taste profile.  What can I pair it? Is it best to consume it alone? As you know by now, my interest grew further. Though I’m not at all well versed on detailed specifics about wines & spirits, I do enjoy them occasionally. Through my research, I’ve discovered that Raffa Sparkling was actually distributed by Emperador Distillers. The spirit is distilled strictly from white grapes from the vineyards of Spain.



It has a very light, crisp taste. Smooth and definitely for easy consumption. The price wasn’t bad at all too. For a hot summer day, it’s a good refreshing drink. You can even pair it with shellfish, appetizers, cheese, snacks or perhaps a lean fish. For variation, you can definitely add this one to your market list!