DAY DRINKING? BOOZY BRUNCH? Look no further, Vask Tapas Room will do just THAT.

If you love brunching, and you wanna do it right, this weekend pop-up is just for you. From an incredible range of spirits to start the midday to a 7-course menu prepared by Chef Luke Jorgensen, Vask Tapas Room and Destileria Limtuaco welcomes Brunch Drunk Social #VTR005, a continuation of a series of brunches Luke began in Chicago.

This Saturday’s menu is themed after guest Chef Jorgensen’s direct expression on food and Filipino culture. Previously of Michelin-starred Elizabeth in Chicago, he now hails his unique vision in a 20 years old seafood restaurant Fishbone in Queenstown, New Zealand. He will be in town to whip up dishes and you’ll get to preview new dishes from Vask.


Croqueta Txipirones – Crab Hollandaise

Tartare, Blood, Vinegar, Corn

Chicken Skin, Compressed Tomatoes, Onions, Rum

Shellfish, Cabbage, Cashew, Fruit

Grilled Fish, Potato Confit, Clam Emulsion, Seaweed Tempura

Spiced Suckling Pig, Mango Salsa, Frijoles Mousse, Sour Cream

Pork Shoulder, Mango, Sourdough

Carrot Cake, Compressed Strawberry, Toffee Mouse, Goat Milk Ice Cream 



The gastronomic boozy midday party will be tomorrow, Saturday, June 18 at Vask Tapas Room, priced at 2500/head.

Ps. Make sure to enjoy responsibly.