Get an R&R in less than 10 minutes with Traveloka App

Don’t you ever feel the need to take a break and find a breather after what seems like a quarter worth of work? In this fast-paced economy, everyone deserves it – even if it’s not a flight out of the country. Just a day or two of undisturbed R&R would do the trick. How to do it? Online!

With the use of your mobile, reliable internet, you’ll be able to find a lot of awesome staycation options around Metro Manila. And that’s specifically what I did. I scanned through good deals in various platforms.

With the clamor for the most suitable R&R with the nearest location, I discovered this travel app that gives you access to good deals with the right price range – Traveloka. Being inquisitive, I’ve checked through it first and found out that Traveloka is one of the leading flight and hotel booking platforms in Southeast Asia. They provide a one-stop solution from booking flights to hotels with great, exclusive deals.



After I’ve locked down my hotel choice, I immediately checked the price range in Traveloka App. Published prices on the app is already discounted, giving you upfront savings. Navigating through the app further, I was surprised to see that it actually offers affordable flights and hotel deals for cities besides Manila – like Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Tokyo, and more.

After a few taps and clicks, I was able to book in less than 10 minutes. Here’s how I did it:

1. Sign up using your email, mobile number, Facebook or Google account.

2. Key in your search details. Since I knew which hotel I wanted to book, I simply searched for the hotel, gave the duration of my stay and number of guests and rooms and found the room rates. I booked the room I wanted and gave the necessary booking information before paying.

3. Pay your booking. You can do it via credit or debit card. Traveloka also accepts over-the-counter payments in local banks such as BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Landbank, Chinabank, etc. You can also pay through M.Lhuillier, 7-Eleven and Dragonpay. After payment, Traveloka will send a voucher via SMS and email and you just need to show your voucher when you check in. In less than 10 minutes, I’m done with the booking. That’s it!



I’m also normally accustomed to plugging-in locations first. I guess it’s a good alternative in case one should consider alternative routes in the future. The automatic location finder of Traveloka App provides the convenience for on the spot R&R. If you’re a traveler who only books when you arrive to get better deals, the on-going promo is just perfect and of course the convenience of the location finder.

Browsing through the Traveloka App, I was surprised to see exclusive members-only deals. Happy to also note that the app is very much transparent on their deals with no hidden fees. Knowing there’s an existing security feature established, I’ve felt more comfortable using the app and securing the accommodations.



If you also love to be on the lookout for promos, there are hotel promos every day. You can also filter your hotel search via price range, star rating, facilities, accommodation preferences and type. Traveloka also has the Stay Guarantee feature. This ensures that Traveloka will be there to help you should you encounter any problem checking in.



Finally, with the good price set aside for the hotel, I then had a bigger allowance and got to book a spa treatment. With a tropic kind of setting, always aim to book a treatment during sunset. It was a perfect two days of undisturbed relaxation even if you’re just in the Metro.



One of those simple wins in my book is acquiring great deals. The member deal is such a steal! I’m not sure if should even share that.. But be inquisitive, know your prices, plan your budget and research. You’ll never know, best hotel options are readily available in one click of the Traveloka App.