Gather and Fuel up Conversations at Commune’s New Home

Just having moved to its new thriving neighborhood, Commune Cafe finally found a larger space on Polaris Street, Poblacion. More mature, less dainty, tons of communal and private table space, it’s now a rather great place for eating, working, and drinking coffee. Once in a while, the cafe offers you to take a break as you witness the neighborhood’s mood shifting from laid-back mornings to a bustling busy late night street through the cafe’s wide glass windows.



What’s good to note would be their improved selection of brunches now. Remember these three words: Order their Sandwiches! The grilled cheese sandwich’s oozing center is made from four cheeses married together to make the traditional grilled cheese with a variation of cheddar, mozzarella, gruyere/emmenthal, seasoned with homemade catsup and pickles, sandwiched in a crusty, nicely-toasted bread coated with butter.

Also, try their Croque Madame, which is the classic ham and cheese sandwich but topped with fried egg. Make sure to have bechamel/mornay sauce added. Traditionally, Croque Madame is not served with the sauce, but both partners think it makes a great hangover food. Chef Mickey is personally enthusiastic about this one!



If you are familiar with their first branch, they still pull up interesting 3D Art lattes and pretty strong home grown  coffee. So whether you need a place to have a moderately-priced lunch by yourself, an introspective commune with what is happening outside the cafe, or maybe a low-key meeting, better visit their new space. They’ll be happy to let you hang out there all day. On my recent visit, I fell in love with the intricate interiors all over again and enjoyed having a cup of coffee. Definitely a place I will keep coming back to when I’m in the area.


36 Polaris corner Durban Streets,
Poblacion, Makati City, PH
+632 275 6324