Milk Trade: A first in the Philippines

The first time I’ve tried double-skin milk was in Yee Shun Milk Company, Hong Kong (港澳義順牛奶公司). Think of the texture of tofu pudding, but this time the base is milk, blended with egg white and sugar. It’s a very simple dessert yet I find it very comforting. Although it’s not really an outstanding dessert where fireworks happen, every time I visit Hong Kong this is one of the desserts I fervently hunt for after meals. 

The very first to execute this concept comes from two dessert powerhouses, Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lolita. Taking inspiration from the streets of Hong Kong, I would say their execution is flawless and almost close to the local thing. The steamed milk pudding they offer is smooth and silky, but is also extremely creamy with a distinctly milky texture. You can request for it to be either hot or cold – it’s delicious either way. They also offer it in two other flavors such as chocolate and egg yolk. Usually, whenever I try the one in Hongkong, I’m a stickler for the original. Thus,  I’ve always go for the plain.

With Milk Trade, the crowd favorite which I couldn’t agree more would be the one made with egg yolk. It’s richer, perfect with the crispy golden eggettes and flavorful.  Just imagine eating the center of an egg tart, lessen the sweetness and remove the crust. A very light dessert perfect for any meal. Hopefully they’ll also add ginger and red bean!

Although the concept only holds three items on the menu, the simplicity of it backed up with perfect execution already hits home.

You wouldn’t even think of booking those flights anytime soon!