On-the-go wraps are now an option at Tokyo Tokyo

As someone always on-the-go, easy to eat snacks are one of my go-to options especially when I’m mobile.

With the newest twist of Tokyo-Tokyo, they now offer Beef Misono and Chicken Teriyaki cling into a tortilla wrap. As a previous patron of these crowd favorites, I’ve been accustomed with pairing it with rice or yakisoba as bento meals. The latest offering is definitely a healthier alternative for my current snack options.



I’m quite surprised as it doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, but you still get a flavorful treat in every bite. I do admit I have a bias towards their chicken teriyaki and I was right, the flavor turned out great. It was packed, good balance in between the charred taste from the chicken, just the right hint of spice, drenched in teriyaki sauce and Japanese Mayo.

The Beef Misono occupies the tortilla wrap with a generous portion of tender and savory daubed with Teriyaki sauce and melted cheddar cheese. Both of the wraps are light but filling. It won’t leave you feeling bloated after consumption.

If you’re looking for an alternative way of enjoying them, these may be your best option