Tokyo Tokyo Brings us a limited season full blown bento meal

In Japanese culture, packed lunches are commonly brought to work and in school. A sampler of everything or a complete meal is typically found in a box, or more recognized as a “bento”.

With a recent visit to Japan, it allowed me to experience firsthand Bento boxes evolving picnics, park visits and festivals. Imagine various sizes of these compartmentalized boxes in colorful variations containing hefty local food staples such as fresh fruits, grilled or steamed meat and desserts in assorted presentations. It was a feast!



With Tokyo Tokyo’s determination to provide us a brief experience of Japan, it’s a delight to see they now offer a Sakura-inspired bento meal which I prefer to be called as the full blown boxed meal. With a hunger to feed, you get to taste almost all their specials compartmentalized in a box plus add-ons to your liking.

The filling meal incorporates your favorite Japanese dishes with Sakura inspired pink-colored treats. From well-seasoned fried Chicken Karaage, a generous portion of Beef Misono, Prawn Tempura, sautéed veggies, Yakisoba and two bowls of steaming hot rice, it’s just right to feed two hungry folks.



If you think that’s a mouthful, it also comes with glutinous Sakura Mochi Balls with peanut butter filling inside. In between, you get to enjoy a thirst-quencher Sakura Lychee Fizz drink. The drink is a treat on its own combining softdrinks, Sakura syrup and nata strips.

In case you are still famished, go all out and bid for an upgrade. It comes with additional potato salad with beets and a Sakura inspired lychee jelly.