Homemade Artisanal spreads may be a good alternative

Nowadays, many people skip the most important meal of the day due to the lack of time to prepare food in the morning. I for one am guilty of this and I seriously need to dislodge from it.

For most, the quick go-to healthy fix is toast. Typically, people either use pure mayo or cheese spread as base. I’ve recently discovered homemade artisanal spreads from the kitchen of Chelcie and so far it’s the best alternative to my usual base.



From flavors such as salty egg which made me reminisce childhood mornings making it as a filling in  my Pandesal.  To Spinach & Dill and Chelcie’s Wild mushroom Truffle which had the same consistency and likeliness of a liver pâté.  The kitchen offers wide array of flavors from Filipino to Western which you can mix and match or even combine!

Loving the spread  on its own, but combining it with other ingredients makes it all the more sublime. Here are some of the available grocery items you can easily pair it with. Don’t worry, prep time will only take less than a minute.



Yield: Adaptable


Cherry Tomatoes
Feta Cheese
Gouda Cheese
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Smoked Salmon
Roasted Garlic
Choice of Bread



Roast the chopped garlic, cut your tomatoes into halves
Pre-heat your desired bread
Apply the spread of your choice
Mix and match the ingredients

Personally, I love combining gouda cheese, sundried tomatoes and silantro plus Chelcie’s Wild mushroom spread. With this recipe, you can easily hold a party, a midday brunch or even just a light healthy snack!