3 Ways to Travel Wisely in South America

South America is a bucket list destination for travelers around the world. The stunning coastlines,  colorful cities, various flavors and UNESCO Heritage Sites are vast travel options for everyone.

Here’s three ways to ease your way if you’re planning to travel soon.


1. Book tickets, accommodations, and tours in advance.

If it’s your first time and you’re traveling alone, it’s best to plan out early your itinerary and possible tours.

I recently had the chance to visit Lima, Peru and decided to extend the trip to Cusco, Peru. While it’s just going from one city to the other, you need to book flights because a bus will take you almost a day. If you have a loaded up PayMaya account, you can easily book domestic flights via LATAM or any other Peruvian airline online! These flights are safe and on time  most of the time.

Booking a tour guide, I suggest booking with Inkatraces. They can do personalized, tour groups and private tours with a good price point. They’ll also provide all travel options that’s within your budget.



2. Uber your way around especially if you’re visiting Downtown, District of Lima

During this trip, I was traveling alone and wasn’t really able to book tours around Lima. The goal was to ultimately eat my way through the city. During my downtime, I’ve discovered several UNESCO sites were not located in the part of Lima where I was, but was rather Downtown. Of course, this was the oldest part of the city. As many locals would advise, if you wanna thread that walk and head to Downtown, booking a tour guide is best to avoid any risk. But since I had limited time, I checked possible transportation options and found out Uber works in Peru! One of safest travel options and driver speaks  English.



So I was able to drive my way to Downtown, Lima and walk around several UNESCO sites. Having to pay only 7-18 Peruvian soles to and from the destinations with just my PayMaya app was great! Didn’t need to cash out anything which was a good alternative to blend in. I checked the app to keep track of my expenses, I found that my fees were automatically converted with no hidden charges!



3. Pay your meals using the card.

There were times when I forgot to exchange my USD to soles. Make sure to exchange it to a bank. If you’re in Miraflores, there are people walking with exchange peso. It’s managed by the government and safe as well.

My PayMaya card definitely saved me! I used it to pay hassle-free at several restaurants. I was pretty confident to use the card with the knowledge it’s powered by Visa, which is accepted worldwide.