Surf Town Weekend: San Juan, La Union

Ever thought of just packing your back pack and taking a trip up north? I decided to do that for all weekends of October and here are some snippets of my adventure up North. First stop: San Juan, La Union.

One sunny weekend, my friends and I purchased a one way ticket to travel via land to revisit Surf Town, San Juan, La Union.

We reached our destination in around 4 hours. As I stepped out of the bus, I can definitely hear the waves crawling, it’s as if its whispering in my ear to grab a board and ride the waves (even if I don’t know a thing about surfing!)

One of the highlights of going to San Juan, La Union or what I call Surf Town, is.. you guessed it right! Surfing! Fear not fellow newbie surfers because there are a lot of surfing schools by the beach strip. You can sign up for a classes based on your surfing skills. Depending on how fast you learn, you’ll be up riding the friendly waves of San Juan in no time. You can also chat up the teachers and hear how they got into surfing, you’d be amazed at the stories they tell.



If you’re looking for awesome coffee in La Union, be sure to check out El Union Coffee. The beans they use are carefully hand-crafted at EDSA BDG, so you know they serve only the good stuff in every cup. They also have Mango infused cookie skillets and indoor s’mores you can indulge in while enjoying your fresh brew.



When we went there, we got the chance to meet Harold (the genius behind the mango skillet and s’mores) and Camille, a surfing couple who fully embraced the coastal lifestyle and encourage their visitors to pick up a surfboard and love it. I was looking forward to “THE” grilled cheese sandwiches but that’s something I can grab my hands on next surf adventure in Surf Town!



A weekend of sun-kissed tans, embracing the waves, grabbing honest coffee away from the metro should be in your itinerary once you’ve visited the beach community that is San Juan.