Sutukil In Seafood City, Cebu

Whether you’re visiting the northern region or the southern-most part of the Philippines, seafood consumption is an integral part of every Filipino meal – Yep, it won’t be complete.

A usual visit to Cebu is a direct sign to just eat Cebu Lechon every opportunity you get. However, Isla Sugbu Seafood City at Grand Convention Center provided a wharf type ambiance perfect for curious minds hungry to taste further the Cebuano culture and experience Sutukil.



The Cebuano Favorite is derived from combining three Cebuano style of cooking dishes, Sugba (grilled), Tuwa, (Stew), and Kilaw (Raw food cooked in Vinegar or coined after the Filipino style Ceviche), because everything good comes in threes.



The straightforward method of using SUTUKIL is very much product driven. With an open-kitchen structure, where you can adoringly watch your lobster grilled to perfection, coupled with a great selection of fresh seafood, the fresh product available speaks for itself.

The restaurant’s full range of quality seafood includes shellfish, farmed fish, groupers, prawns, salmon, Spanish Jacks and a lot more – ultimately boosts the fresh Visayan Seafood market. Count on screamingly fresh fish and a knowledgeable staff to talk you through the in-house open aquarium.

For the adventurous type, the in-house open tanks let’s you discover other interesting seafood delights such as diwal, parrot fish and spider conch.



 Meet the very hands-on Winglip Chang, President of 101 Restaurant City Inc.



If you’re planning to visit Cebu and never tried SUTUKIL before, experiencing it first hand at Isla Sugbu Seafood City would be the right choice.



Sutukil Packages

  • Package A: Fish Sugba, Shrimp Tinuwa and Fish Kinilaw
  • Package B: Squid Sugba, Shrimp Tinuwa and Fish Kinilaw
  • Package C: Fish Sugba, Fish Tinuwa and Shrimp Kinilaw
  • Package D: Squid Sugba, Fish Tinuwa and Shrimp Kinilaw

Price Information:

Sutukil Packages includes a free appetizer, dish of the day and rice platter

Php 1,600 (net) for four (4) persons/ package

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for 101 Restaurant City Inc. All thoughts & opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.