Traveling in Taiwan, made easy.

Let me ask you: What is your reason to travel? Isn’t it to discover how much we share with the world or how much different we are to it?

Whether it’s rich in history or modernity has already taken over its streets and facades, there is a place that you can still discover so much about, even after all the number of times you’ve visited it. That is Taipei, for me.



For this particular itinerary, I balanced the number of culinary backstreets and top tourist favorites since I had first timers in my travel group. There’s so much to do in Taipei. It has streets solely for streetwear, and hip and trendy fashion. It also has alleys and night markets where you’ll enjoy Taiwanese delicacies. It’s heaven!



You’d be surprised but Taiwan is also known for its growing community of third wave coffee shops. During the trip, I tried going cashless by using my PayMaya card for almost everything, especially for all the cups I indulged in during every coffee shop detour. Happy to note that it was working! Tracking expenses was a breeze with NIL international fee charges.


So again, do you travel to learn how much similar we are to other cities? Or how much we can discover and learn from them? Our generation now is very lucky. Traveling is now easier and more accessible. Just by tapping on a few options, you can tailor fit a trip depending on your budget. I suggest you go cashless. It’s secure, has no hidden fees, plus you get to track your traveling expenses. I did all that with PayMaya!

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